Premium class, in a special design style, fully equipped sauna for the best events of your life:

  • birthday party
  • for the ladies, a SPA for relaxation with scrub treatments and subsequent chatting in an incognito atmosphere over a glass of wine
  • friendly get-together just because
  • romantic evening in candlelight, just you two
  • stag/hen parties
  • etc.

Included in the price

For full well-being and comfortable sauna enjoyment we offer you:

  • sauna with birch sauna whisks made by us
  • a swim in a wooden tub, made by special order, with a superb jet massage option and romantic lighting
  • a fully equipped kitchen where you will be able to:
  • chill your drinks and get ice in the refrigerator
  • heat cheese sauce for chicken liver/bacon salad on the ceramic stove
  • as well as prepare different snacks for your guests
  • for your convenience all necessary dishes, glasses and serving utensils are available for up to 10 people
  • LED TV with an internet connection
  • a quality Sony music centre
  • and for cosy relaxation after the sauna you will be able to light the fireplace
  • free Wi-Fi
  • Lembužu seltzer 0,5L

Price of the service
(from 01.10.2021. to 1.04.2022.)

  • Weekdays 150,00 EUR
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 190,00 EUR
  • Holidays (New Years, Christmas, etc.) 250,00 EUR
  • Accommodation for 2 persons is included in the price


  • arrival time from 15:00, check-out time until 12:00
  • sauna (90°C) and the wooden tub (55°C) work for 5 hours
  • sauna is intended for up to 10 people
  • in the summer season (May – August) up to 15 people
  • When applying for an event it is mandatory to indicate the number of people planned

For an additional fee

Overnight stay for +2 personas 30,00 EUR

We will serve you table of snacks or a full meal:

  • tiny snacks,
  • meat/cheese/fruit/vegetable plates,
  • salads,
  • breakfasts.

Lembužu beer and Lembužu seltzer:

price of one unit with VAT
ABV % 0,33L glass 30L keg
ORIGINAL 5,2 2,50 133,10
IPA 5,9 2,50 145,20
SALACGRĪVA 5,5 2,50 145,20
ĶURMRAGA KOLŠIŅŠ 5,3 2,50 145,20
PILSNER 5,0 2,50 145,20
PORTER 6,5 2,50
REŅĢĒDĀJU VĪRU ALUS 6,0 2,50 133,10
REŅĢĒDĀJU SIEVU ALUS 5,0 2,50 133,10
natural water
price of one unit with VAT
0,5L pet
carbonated 1,00
non-carbonated 1,00