It’s a Latvian craft beer made of specially selected barley malt, aromatic hops with the addition of yeast and high purity water in Lembuži, Salacgriva municipality, in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve.

Lembuži – an old fisherman village found in the 16th century located on the shore of the Riga gulf shore, Baltic sea in Salacgrīva county.

The brewery has found it’s place next to the A1 Riga – Tallinn highway, on the turn to Lembuži village.

We do not draw naked girls or mystical comic images on our beer labels, and we do not name our beer varieties using strange words of metal or mythological characters – we just brew a traditional, high quality beer!




To diversify our beer world, we make some interesting beer every now and then.

This beer is produced in a limited quantity and is available for enjoyment until someone drinks it. Hurry up and don’t miss out!


The new bottling line is finally here, readied, adjusted and at the end of November 2019 we have already started filling 0,33 bottles!
All types of beer we produce are available in glass bottles.

Beer is also available in 30L kegs.

You can enjoy our beer and buy it for takeaway in:

Wholesale prices:

price of one unit without VAT price of one unit with VAT sell-by,
ABV % 0,33L glass 30L keg 0,33L glass 30L keg
ORIGINAL 5,2 2,64 110,00 3,20
+ 0,10 deposit
133,10 6
SALACGRĪVA 5,5 2,64 120,00 3,20
+ 0,10 deposit
145,20 6
REŅĢĒDĀJU VĪRU ALUS 6,0 2,64 110,00 3,20
+ 0,10 deposit
133,10 6
REŅĢĒDĀJU SIEVU ALUS 5,0 2,64 110,00 3,20
+ 0,10 deposit
133,10 6

You can order beer:

  • over the phone +371 20 22 555 6
  • via email

Minimum order quantity for bottles is 2 boxes (40 bottles) or one 30L keg.
Minimum order for one breed of beer is 1 box (20 bottles).
0.3L and 0.5L glasses with the brewery’s logo are also available.
Delivery to Riga 2x a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
By special arrangement we will deliver beer on a day of your choice.

For HoReCa clients – pubs, bars, cafes – we offer to install a special beer pouring device – a tower cooler.
Alus liešanas iekārta - dzesētājs ar torni, Lembužu brūzis
Minimum trade volume – 1 keg per week.
We provide with 0.3L and 0.5L beer glasses.
We perform regular maintenance of equipment once a month.

For private events we offer rental of the portable beer device/cooler – keg.
Pārvietojamā alus iekārta, dzesētājs, muciņa, Lembužu brūzis
FREE COOLER RENTAL if you buy any two Lembužu beers in kegs.
Standard price 50,00 EUR for twenty-four hours.